DTC LifeTools Company Continues First Anniversary Party

by andyman on July 7, 2014

DTCLifeTools.com is proceeding its Birthday Sale-a-Bration event this July with even more contests and give-a-ways. Company press materials outline the DTC LifeTools philosophies on the subject:

Our company feel that getting our first year under our belt is an outstanding feat these days, particularly with all the financial woes around the world. We have survived and even flourished due to the fact that we have never failed to remember the old fashioned assertion that we built DTC LifeTools on: "The customer is always right!"

Our testimonials on Amazon.com and our customer responses has provided documentation to the fact that good business practices emphasizing customer service is what makes the difference. Sure high quality items are also a must and we maintain just as tightly to that concept as well. But when things do happen, then accountability and prompt service must be there to support the few times these things happen.

One customer wrote: "Higher quality than I expected. Well designed, too. I was also impressed with the follow-up support with helpful tips and even a video demonstration. To top it off, my husband really liked it! (Shopping for my husband is extremely difficult. Whew! A Father's Day success.)"

We appreciate these reports from our customers, but it is such a shame to listen to other accounts such as this one in which the author has never had this type of follow through from a company before: "The seller is great! I got a couple of emails making sure everything was okay. I have never gotten that kind of follow through before. I really appreciate that I can find the seller to fix anything. But so far, so awesome!"

Being a baby boomer, I grew up in the 60's when people supported their neighbors and business was done on a handshake. Our company, My brother and I, wish for the return of those days and pledge to do our part with DTCLifeTools.com to make it happen.

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