Motor Vehicle Emergency Tool with Seatbelt Cutter and Torch – A Must Have!

by andyman on July 8, 2014

Versatile, high quality Car Emergency Device incorporating a hammer, seatbelt cutter and torch that is budget friendly and a need to have for any car.

Do you get accessories for your automobile? Most people typically do. Bits and pieces; air fresheners, cleaners, polishes; there are lots of accessories and offers available for motor vehicles.

However have you thought about the one accessory that may save your life or that of another person?

I read a post just recently about a woman who was caught in her Audi in 41 degree Celsius heat because the electronics had malfunctioned and would not allow her to operate the car, wind down the windows or really get out of the car. Fortunately, a passer-by eventually managed to open the door from the outside.

The very same article describes how another driver was caught inside a Porsche with his youngster. In this instance, the window of the car had to be broken in order for the occupants to get out. These are 2 instances of extremely advanced vehicles developing electronic faults and trapping occupants and there are many reports of occupants being caught in vehicles due to a seatbelt malfunctioned or a motor vehicle accident.

Yet how many vehicles have the one device that would allow you to cut that seatbelt or break that window in order to escape, or at least, to have fresh air get into the car?

Being an Amazon tragic and understanding the need for such a device, I chose to see what they had on offer; Amazon service is always fantastic, fast shipping, with cash back warranties and fantastic follow-up service. Anyway, I found this fantastic device. It has a hammer head, a cutter for the seatbelt and a torch which is powered by cranking a handle to charge up some internal batteries, which appear to last forever. The device is partially buoyant and the torch still works when wet and … at a reasonable cost!

I am certain, like me, you value the safety of those in your car, your own safety and also that of others you may find in a scenario wherein you may require an emergency device, so I encourage you to go to the link below and order one of these tools now. Great accessory for any automobile and low-cost insurance coverage !!

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If you only ever get another car accessory, this should be it! The should have accessory for every automobile.
Main Advantages:.
The Vehicle Emergency situation Device integrates a single sided hammer head which may be used to break a vehicle side window in case of an occupant becoming caught within the car. The head is created to have maximum effect near the corner of a side window and is not planned to be used on the front windscreen nor the rear screen of a motor vehicle. The side opposite the hammer head may be used to use extra force to the hammer head by positioning the hammer head against the window and afterwards striking the opposite side of the head with the heel of the hand. This has actually shown to be specifically efficient if the window to be broken is under water.
The safety belt cutter is a safeguarded blade used to slice through a safety belt in case of an occupant becoming caught within the restraint. The blade has actually shown to provide three belt cuts with ease if carried out in a basic, described way. The blade will start to deteriorate after three cuts, but may be replaced by an appropriately skilled person.
The device likewise consists of a 3 LED torch in the head of the device. The torch is powered by a 3.6 V battery and by cranking the handle for one minute, about eight minutes of power is acquired. The battery may be further charged by turning the crank. The switch for the torch head is located on the opposite side of the handle to the crank.
The Vehicle Emergency situation Device features a Full No Questions Asked Warranty.

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