Non-stick Barbecue Grilling Mats.

by andyman on July 5, 2014

I'll lay odds your grill just isn't all that tidy. Be honest! I first became aware of bbq grilling mats from a pal of mine. He does every bit of his meal preparation outdoor on the bbq, all year so, naturally, it had gotten sort of grungy. His strategy was tosimply lay them on the grill in order to cover the mess and have a clean cooking surface. It ended up that the mats opened all kinds of fresh options for grilling. So suddenly he is cooking food on the grill that you would not suppose possible. Like eggs. Or chopped vegetables. Gone are the problems with foods dropping through the cracks.

It's rather peculiar how we've come to accept the laying clean food items on a less than spotless BBQ. I speculate it's always been part of the grilling experience. I am not and have never been particularly thrilled about it, but it wasn't until I checked out these BBQ grill mats that I realized we don't have to endure it.

It isn't often you encounter an item that performs better than it's advertised to do, as holds true with the Chef Caron bbq grill mats. Sure, the grill mats will keep your BBQ grill in terrific condition but they will also make you a much better griller. Everybody thinks they're a hotshot on the grill, and I did as well, but the food comes out perfectly with these: there is no overcooking, no charring, no charred spots and the perfectly even temperature produces superior flavor and texture in the food. What's more, you are able to bbq almost anything with them. Ever tried to barbecue a fresh egg before? Well, now you can do it. And foods that generally disintegrate (think fish) can now be easily and very successfully cooked on the grill.

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