Save Money and Energy with the Efergy E2 Wireless Electric Monitor

by andyman on July 10, 2014

My power bill used to sneak up on me and ambush me at the end of each month! How on earth could my bill get so large so swiftly? I had no earthly idea. I realized that the utility company does not want me to recognize how much electric power that I am using at any one time. They don't want me to have an understanding of how much my appliances actually cost. If I comprehended the actual cost of each appliance I could then choose if I wanted to incur that cost…. or opt out by pulling the plug. Until I knew the actual expenditure of each appliance however, I don't have the data I needed to understand and regulate my power bill.

Once I picked up the Efergy E2 whole house electric power monitor I was able to instantaneously grasp how much my electric usage was and which appliances were the main reasons. I was able to locate wasted energy and vampire loads that were almost doubling my monthly power bill. I immediately turned off our old refrigerator in the garage (very wasteful, and not used much anyway) and a DVD player that we had endlessly running. Eradicating just those two energy hogs from our monthly electrical charges we instantly saved almost 25% per month (and for each successive month as well).

We now have the info we need to make it easy for us to make wise utility usage decisions.  Imagine how confused we would be if we went shopping around daily at the grocery, but only got our bill 1 time per month (after the fact).   This energy monitor helps save me money, but more importantly, gives me peace-of-mind knowing that I am not shelling out any of our hard earned money.

Since I am such a enormous supporter of Amazon .com ( I love the super fast shipping plus they have a really satisfying money-back warranty that ensures you are always happy with your purchase ) , I figured I would give them a try with this and boy did it turn out to be a wonderful choice . Not only was I able to get a high-quality energy monitor for a great price, but what really impressed me was the awesome follow up they had ensuring that I received my monitor, and more important (to me anyway ) they gave me a bunch of terrific tips for how to save even more money on my electricity bills. I was able to easily  track down and find the energy wasting appliances that were the in the house.   Our monthly utility bills were almost immediately about 25% smaller without it even having an impact on our lifestyle.   Simply by finding and killing those energy hogs.  What a  tremendous feeling! 

Quite possibly it is just me, but I have seriously never been so impressed with a purchase like this before and if you are looking for a way to conserve big on your electric utility bill then I encourage you to click the link below to order yours now and find out for yourself . If you decide to try it out , let me know your thoughts , I am sure you will be more than impressed!

Uncover and shrink the size of your carbon footprint with the Efergy E2 Wireless Electrical Monitor. The good sized, easy to analyse LCD screen instantly displays electrical power, price and estimated CO2 emissions, as well as historical and average information.

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